Top 12 Moving tips!

Congrats! – You decided to move locally in San Diego!
When people think of local moving, they usually think of the nightmare scenarios. Mess everywhere, you forgot something, movers are late, and so on.
All of this can be changed if you follow these top 12 Moving tips!

Tip number 1: Money talk

This is the time to think about the budget you have to move locally.
Now you need to think about if you should move by yourself or hire a local professional moving company in San Diego.
Pay attention to this – if you plan to move by yourself, you might save some money but you will definitely need more time to do it.
If you choose a professional moving company, you will finish the whole process in a day or two.

Tip number 2: Set out the plan

We understand this sounds silly, but since money is time we suggest planning out the activities related to moving so that you do not overlook some things. Usually things to plan are the following 10 tips that you will find below.

Tip number 3: Research

So now that you have everything planned and you decided to use local movers in San Diego to move you, start from the basic search.
First google local movers near me, check Yelp or movers website and start calling. Check reviews, GMB and clients testimonials as well.

Tip number 4: Start calling

First of call, you might not even need to call. Professional moving companies have a request for a quote via a website that can make the process easier.
You would just need to input info about the size of your move, your email address and preferable move date. In no time a relocation specialist will reach out.

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Tip number 5: Watch out here

Try to gather as much as possible information from the relocation specialist. Check if some days are more affordable if you are flexible with move date. Also, check if movers are licensed and insured. One more thing, check if they are open every day in case you need to make some changes.
It would be good to know if you are looking at flat moving cost or hourly rate. In addition, check if there are some additional charges or fees. You don’t want any surprises on the day of the move.

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Tip number 6: Get it in writing

Well, after you asked all of the above, it would be for the best that you have some kind of written proof.
Ask to get the quote via email as well as contract once you decide on the moving company.

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Tip number 7: Decision time

Start comparing companies. Do not base your decision on the price only. Check the reviews, customer service you got, type of moving service they can provide.
If one company stands out, get them.

Tip number 8: Reserve the spot

One you chose the best local movers in San Diego for your needs, make sure to call them and secure the spot.
Important – Do not drag this down. Do it as soon as possible. Moving companies usually lose availability quickly so it would be best if you can lock in the date as soon as possible.

Tip number 9: Prepare

Now it is the time to prepare for the move. Think about the things you do not need or do not use. Donate, sell or purge those items. You are moving into a new place so you do not want anything dragging along the place.
You can also organize a garage sale and get some extra cash for the items you do not use.

Tip number 10: Packing

Now, if you should wish to pack on your own, firstly you need to order boxes.
Get all types, and do not forget about china boxes and packing paper.
Secondly, make a plan for packing. Start from the things you do not need and those that are not essential to use. Once boxes arrive, slowly start packing.

IF you decided that you want a moving company to send packers – sit back and relax.
Also, in both cases, pack a necessity bag. Get water, snacks, toilet paper ready.

Tip number 11: Day of the move -Breath in, Breath out

Make sure to get a good night’s sleep the night before. Also, coffee is your friend.
Once movers arrive, guide them through the house and make sure that you are at the delivery place a few minutes before them.
Do not forget to eat, too.
When they arrive at the delivery, let them know what goes where.

Tip number 12: Enjoy

After movers are done, try to have a good rest. Make sure to eat and recharge.
A day after, start with unpacking and decorating your home.
There is no greater joy than starting your new life on a good note.
That’s what the best local movers are there to make sure you have- the best moving experience.

Should you need a moving company to provide you with such an experience, look no further, we are only a click away.

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