The Best Way To Pack Clothes For Moving – Full Packing Guide

If you are considering whether to move or not, we are not going to lie to you, it is a big and difficult decision. Before you make up your mind, there are a few things you need to do first, and finding the best way to pack clothes is only one of them. You need to carefully consider all the circumstances and conditions in both locations. Does your new house have enough space for your whole family and is everyone O.K. with the choice of their new home?0

 If you have children, you need to get enough information on the nearest school, see if there are enough parks, playgrounds, is the neighborhood safe enough etc. Once you have made the decision, there is nothing left for you but to take some action and finally move. But it is not as easy as it might sound. Moving is an overwhelming process and will definitely take you time, effort and money as well. You need to decide whether you wish to hire San Diegoprofessional movers or you wish to move on your own.

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Should You Hire Packers and Movers to Help You Pack Clothes For The Move?

 It is important to know that it is not cheap to hire packers and movers. A move could easily cost you somewhere between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars. But, there is a middle solution. If you are trying to save some money, but still wish to hire a professional moving company, it is good to know that you do not have to ask for the full service (that includes moving, packing and unpacking as well). Instead, you could ask your moving company if it is O.K. to pack on your own.

This will help you save a few dollars, but still, you need to do it properly. There is a way to pack every piece of your inventory and if you follow the rules, we are sure there will be no problems with the packing process. In order to help you out in trouble, we are bringing a full guide on how to pack all of your clothes, follow these steps and your clothes will be perfectly packed once you arrive to the destination:

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Get Rid Of All Unnecessary Items.

First things first. The advice all San Diego packers and movers will give you is that you cannot start packing if you do not know what you are planning to take with you to your new home. And no, you most definitely cannot take it all. Many people often tend to forget about decluttering, but it is one of the essential tasks of every move.

You do not want to bring old trash with you to your new home. Instead, you wish to have a fresh start with a lot of positive energy, just like you deserve. Go through your closet very carefully and try to understand what you intend to keep wearing in the future and what you will not be needing in your future life. There are a few ways of getting rid of the unnecessary items:

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o   A garage sale.

If you have a house then there is nothing better than creating a good old-fashioned garage sale. You can make a garage sale in your backyard and invite all your neighbors to visit. You can also try to motivate all of your household members to participate in creating a sale by allowing them to keep everything they earn. Your kids will be more than thrilled to join this way!

o   Selling online.

Of course, if you have some really special pieces that are expensive and you do not wish to sell them for a small amount of money or simply as a gift, there is always an option of selling it online on eBay or Amazon, or even via your Instagram account. Ask some friends or family members to help you take some good photos of the items you wish to sell and have some fun along the way!

o   Donating.

San Diego professional movers will always tell you that there is not a more noble thing than donating to those who most definitely need it more and will be more than grateful to have it. You can find a local charity organization or look for one online and ask how to donate old clothes. Also, see if your kids have some outgrown clothes they will not be wearing any time soon and donate them as well.

o   Giving to a friend.

Is there a bigger blessing than a good friend? If you know some of your friends really liked an old piece of clothing you have no intentions on wearing any more, give it to them.

 Sort Your Clothes.

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Sorting clothes is very important not only when moving, but always. And when moving, it can be especially useful. When it comes to sorting clothes, you can sort it on different criteriums:

o   By materials they are made of – for example, wool items with wool items, cotton ones with cotton ones, etc.

o   By person. The best advice is to sort everyone’s closet individually and then label the boxes. This way, you will make the unpacking much easier for yourself and your family members as well. Pack separate clothes for each family member and then label all the boxes. Once you arrive at your new home, everything will be sorted and ready for the new closets!

o   By season. This may be the best and most economic way of packing, especially when it comes to clothes. If it is spring and you are moving on summer, take all of your winter clothes such as scarves, hats and jackets, and put them away so that they do not stand in your way. Also, if it is autumn and you are moving soon enough, be free to immediately pack all the swimsuits, shorts and summer dresses. And once you start actually packing, a half of the clothes will be packed already, which is an enormous plus!

o   By pieces. If you organize your closets well now, it will be a piece of cake organizing them again once you move into your new home. By putting pants with pants, dresses with dresses and shoes with shoes, you will save yourself much time once you change your place of living.

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 Start Packing ASAP.

When it comes to packing in general, not only clothes, but clothes as well, it is very important you start packing on time. It may seem to you that you have more than enough time for everything, but once it comes to actually starting to pack, you will realize how it takes much more time and effort than you have imagined. Instead of wasting your time, get up and start packing as soon as possible.

All the clothes that you do not intend on wearing before the move you should pack away gently. Find enough packing supplies, including cardboard boxes and  wardrobe boxes, duffle bags, suitcases and vacuum bags and start packing your clothes. If you do so, the packing process will be a true piece of cake for you once it comes to it.

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Deciding On The Right Packing Method.

When it comes to packing clothes, it is important you understand how to properly pack them and your San Diego motivated movers have a few solutions for you. It is not like you can just take all of your clothes and throw them all together in the first box in front of you. Different types of clothes ask for different types of packing and we are listing some of them:

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o   Cardboard boxes.

When it comes to packing, there is stuff that can be simply packed in good old cardboard boxes. As you can probably imagine, cardboard boxes are a great option when it comes to folded clothing. So, for all the clothes that can be folded, just find enough cardboard boxes and you have solved your problem. You do not have to go and buy cardboard boxes, instead, you can visit a bookstore, grocery store, a supermarket, a liquor store, or a recycling drop-off point and get enough cardboard boxes, for free.

o   Wardrobe boxes.

On the other hand, when it comes to clothes in hangers, cardboard boxes may not be the most perfect solution. You can instead use some wardrobe boxes and properly pack all of your clothes on hangers. You can hang your sensitive clothes inside the bag and make sure it will arrive at the destination in a perfect condition.

o   Drawstring trash bags.

When it comes to hanging clothes, there are also some alternatives for a wardrobe box. A drawstring trash bag is a low-budget, but a very efficient and easy way to move all the hanging clothes you have got in your closet. You could take some large drawstring trash bag to put your hanging clothes inside while holding onto the hangers and tighten the drawstrings around the hanger hooks. You can also cut a hole at the bottom of the bag, then put the hanger hooks through the hole, and secure the hanger hooks with a rubber band or a string.

o   Duffle bags and suitcases.

Suitcases and duffle bags are actually known to be a perfect replacement for cardboard boxes when it comes to packing clothes. If you have a suitcase or a few duffle bags, then you will not need that many cardboard boxes (at least when it comes to packing clothes). Also, besides folded clothing, suitcases and duffle bags can be great for packing shoes. Just make sure you properly clean them first!

o   Vacuum bags.

The last option, but surely not the least, are the vacuum bags. They are an amazing solution for packing bulky items such as jackets and coats. They are very convenient and are a great way to condense clothing items while packing. There are many stores you can find them in, so getting one should not be a problem at all.

Packing Shoes.

Besides clothes, a big topic is also how to properly pack your shoes. Although it may seem like an easiest and fastest solution to just simply throw them in a box or a duffle bag, that may not be so smart, since they might lose their shape while being transported from one location to another. You need to properly prepare your shoes for the move and make sure there will be no damage made in the process.

When it comes to keeping the shape of the shoe, it is very important you follow a few simple rules. Before you pack them, you should stuff each shoe with a packing paper, a sock or a washcloth to prevent them from losing its original shape. After you do this, wrap them carefully in packing paper also to prevent any potential damage that might occur during the transport. Also, it would be best if you packed and transported them in some hardshell suitcases, since the shoes will be most protected this way.

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