Moving To San Diego: Everything You Need To Know + Moving Tips

If you’re moving to San Diego or if you are not sure if you should or shouldn’t, this is the blog for you. San Diego is diversely interesting and certainly worth your time. We will try to give you a closer overview of it through some interesting facts and of course, at the same time, provide you with useful moving tips.

This new life chapter doesn’t have to start with a stressful relocation. Hiring professional movers or your own good organization and planning ahead of time will definitely lead you to an efficient and successful relocation. Moving to San Diego can begin right now.

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San Diego

Let’s first cover the basic things you might already know. San Diego is the second-largest city in California, right after Los Angeles. It’s on the coast of the Pacific Ocean and next to the Mexican border. Moving to San Diego means sunny weather all year long. Hot summers and mild winters with low rainfall and an average of 201 days above 70 °F.

It’s a fast-growing city and with a lot of people from different sides, you’ll find yourself indulged in its consequently diverse cultural experience. A lot of neighborhoods to choose from and even more events and activities to include in your day. 

Follow San Diego Gulls AHL hockey team in their games or cheer for San Diego Padres during baseball matches. You could enrich your knowledge in more than 50 museums and galleries and let’s not forget about the education system. San Diego is the ninth-most educated city in the United States with more than 40% of its residents holding a bachelor’s degree.

Your kids will have a wide range of community colleges, high schools, and primary schools to choose from and you could always continue your education at the University of San Diego.

Foodies and drinking enjoyers won’t lose a thing moving to San Diego. Fancy restaurants, gastropubs, burger spots, and famously delicious burritos with french fries in it. From tacos and ceviche to sushi, Mexican, Italian, and various Asian foods will make your taste buds feel magic.

More than 90 craft beer breweries and 115 wineries along with sweet cocktails during fun nights out will spin your nerves. 

Outdoor activities are not lacking either. Amazing beaches, 520 parks, 166 hiking trails, San Diego Zoo, Wild Animal Park, Legoland, many events, festivals, shows for El Día de Los Muertos, Halloween, salsa on the beach, outdoor cinemas, and much more.

Exploring San Diego in your free time and finding new interesting things can never stop. Moving to San Diego won’t disappoint you and if you are not yet sure, here are more fun facts to know.

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Hypnosis is officially banned in public schools in San Diego. Can you even imagine what events led to this? What could have happened there?


Moving to San Diego means you can visit more than 50 music venues and enjoy live shows. Did you know that the city has produced and sent more shows to Broadway than any other in the country? Jersey Boys, The Full Monty, and Thoroughly Modern Millie are just a few of many. Visit La Jolla Playhouse and Old Globe theater in Balboa Park for a guaranteed good experience.

The Giant Dipper

This wooden, yes, wooden roller coaster is located in Belmont Park and was built in 1925. Take a ride in one of the two remaining wooden coasters on the West Coast and just so you know, you’re riding in a National Historic Landmark.

#1 Packing tip: Label

One of the ways to stay organized throughout your move is to label your boxes. Moving with your local movers or by yourself, it doesn’t matter, this is something that can’t be overlooked. As each box is filled and taped, write on the side what is packed in it and in which room the box belongs.

You’ll know where all of your things are without chaotically going through everything. Your professional movers will be able to unload your things in the correct room right away and thus shorten the unpacking process.

Dog paradise

You can take your furry friends almost everywhere. San Diego has the highest number of dog-friendly restaurants per capita in the country. Enjoy your food without worrying about what your pet might be doing alone at home.

The Kumeyaay

The Kumeyaay were the original native inhabitants of San Diego County and had been there for 10 000 years before the first Europeans sailed into the San Diego Harbor in 1542. Starting with the Spanish invasion, through the Mexican and then American period, Kumeyaay were forced off their ancestral lands. Today, the acreage of tribal reservations in California is approximately 500,000 acres.

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City of skateboarders

Moving to San Diego means you’ll be living in the homeplace of both Shaun White and Tony Hawk. The legendary skateboarder, Tony Hawk, even has an official holiday. May 29th is Tony Hawk Day in San Diego.

Arrested for swimming?

San Diego has many man-made lakes and it’s illegal to swim in each one. The good thing is there are miles-long shorelines to enjoy so there is nothing to worry about.

#2 Packing tip: Declutter

One perk of moving to San Diego, well, actually, moving in general. This is a great time to throw away those piled-up useless things. We all have them, forgotten in corners and back of the shelves and closets, dusty and potentially rusty stuff no one used in years.

Throw away all the junk and give purpose to all preserved items. Get a few extra bucks by selling or making someone’s life better by donating them. The less you have, the less your motivated movers will have to pack, and thus the whole process will be done much faster. 

Grinch took Christmas away

Don’t panic, you have enough time to celebrate until February. If moving to San Diego is next on your list make sure you take all of your Christmas lights before February 2nd or fines could be issued against you.

Avocados are everywhere

San Diego produces the most avocados in the whole US. If you are a guacamole fan or avocados in general, this is a great place to explore its tastes. 

Farm life

Besides avocados San Diego has even more organic foods to offer. More means more than 6.000 farms and over 300 organic-produce growers. Different microclimates all over San Diego allow the growth of many different goods. The city is ranked third in honey production, fifth in lemons, ninth in strawberries, and tenth in the number of egg-laying hens.

Snugglepot and Honeypie

This city has been madly in love with koalas since 1925, when the first pair arrived at San Diego Zoo, Snugglepot and Honeypie. They set the stage for today’s successful breeding colony and the first newborn koala in the Zoo was born in 1960.


Not enough to disturb your life, but San Diego has more flies than any other city in the US.


Raising the public’s appreciation for comics and other art forms since 1970. Only 100 people attended the first convention and now over 130.000 attend every year. Even if you are not living in San Diego, try visiting in July, and don’t miss out on this great event.

#3 Moving tip: Hire the right professional movers

Finding your perfect professional movers to help you with moving to San Diego might be long but it’s certainly worth all that time. You want a reliable, licensed and insured moving company so you can make sure your precious belongings are in safe hands and your money is well spent.

You need to make some phone calls, ask direct questions about the service, costs, and any specific needs and requests you have. After getting answers from more than 4 potential movers, compare all info you gathered and, combined with customer reviews, decide on the company that satisfies most of your criteria.

Torrey pine tree

This endangered tree, the Torry pine tree, grows in only two places in the whole nation. In the northern coastal area of San Diego County and on Santa Rosa Island. Take a look at this majestic tree at the Torrey Pines State Natural Reserve.

Sheriff’s Museum

Besides items inmates made, old police vehicles, and aircraft, San Diego’s bizarre Heaven’s Gate Cult is one of many exhibits you can see at the Sheriff’s Museum. This religious sect fused end-of-the-world Christian ideas with weird UFO themes.

In 1997, authorities discovered 39 cult members in their rented Rancho Santa Fe estate who had committed mass suicide. In case this does not freak you out, you can get locked in a cell at this creepy museum but we can’t guarantee you’re getting out of it. 


Dr. Seuss

Dr. Seuss or Theodor Geisel was a resident of La Jolla and even used it as an inspiration for the famous fictional town Whoville. The Geisel Library in La Jolla, San Diego, houses the world’s biggest collection of original Dr. Seuss writings and other fascinating adult-themed artwork and eclectic sculptures.

Whales and seals

Blue Whales, Gray Whales, Pilot Whales, Humpback Whales, Fin Whales, and Orcas, San Diego is the best place to see whales all year round. Besides whale-watching cruises, go to Children’s Pool Beach and take a look at a colony of more than 200 seals hanging there every day. 

#4 Moving day tip: Kids and pets

Make sure you have an already prepared plan for younger kids and pets on a moving day. Doing it on your own or with local movers, packing, and moving is quite chaotic and from their small perspective, it can be really scary.

Have someone babysit or be the one to give them attention and patience during this stressful change. Being away from all the noise and strange people carrying potentially dangerous things is best for their safety and your inner peace.

The Star of India

Anchored at the Port of San Diego, the Stay of India, is the world’s oldest active sailing ship.

The California burrito

Creamy guacamole, of course, shredded cheese, sour cream, carne asada, and a bunch of crunchy fries, aka the California burrito, will make you forget all the worries with its heavenly taste. Moving to San Diego sounds much more alluring now.

Water, water, and more water

168 million gallons of water a day, A DAY, are imported to San Diego. Fill that amount in bottles and you could make a chain around the whole Earth with it and even have a bottle for each visitor at Comic-con left. 

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