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About Oceanside

If you are planning to move to the San Diego area and you are looking for a perfect place to live, you will have a lot to choose from.

 When it comes to the San Diego area, you need to prepare for beautiful year-round weather, a stunning coastline, the largest wooden pier on the west coast, a quaint New England-style harbor and world-class surf. Oceanside really has a lot to offer.

In addition to the city’s vibrant history and iconic landmarks, Oceanside continues to innovate and welcome new and exciting businesses and experiences throughout its diverse neighborhoods. 

With the addition of new dining options, lodging accommodations and family-friendly activities, you’re not going to want to miss out on all that Oceanside has to offer! 

💡Did you know?

The 1985 classic movie “Top Gun” was filmed in parts of Oceanside.

Oceanside Neighborhoods

Mission San Luis Rey

Known as the “King of the Missions,” Mission San Luis Rey de Francia, is the largest of the California Missions.

The title “King of the Missions” was bestowed upon this California state treasure because of its expansiveness and architectural beauty. With such peaceful and inspirational surroundings, it is easy to visualize the everyday life of the Franciscan Friars and Native Americans who inhabited the Mission more than two centuries ago.

The Mission architecture is extraordinary. Hand carved wooden doors, bright and colorful hand painted walls and murals, the original baptismal font (made by Native Americans) of hand hammered copper, and a mixture of Classical and Baroque reredos are not to be missed.

 The Mission provides guided and self-guided tours, a museum, a gift shop, retreat center, and year-round special events.

Ivey Ranch/ Rancho Del Oro

Ivey Ranch/ Rancho Del Oro is one of the Oceanside’s neighborhoods with the population of 16,347, 50% males, 50% females and a median life range of 37.

It has a lot of families with kids, and a lot of couples. The median household income for residents of Ivey Ranch Rancho Del Oro, Oceanside is $84,655, while the median individual income is $39,862. About 93% residents have finished high-school, 30% have completed some form of college, but have no degree, 10% have an associate degree, 24% hold a bachelor’s degree, and 11% have completed graduate school.

Almost 93% of adults in Ivey Ranch / Rancho Del Oro have completed high school, which is 3.5% higher than the national average.

Mira Costa

The Mira Costa neighborhood of Oceanside is a centrally located North County community best known as the home to Mira Costa College and Henie Hills.

 Located just north of Highway 78 and east of El Camino Real, Mira Costa is just minutes from the beach, upscale shopping in Carlsbad, and the many attractions located in Oceanside and throughout North County San Diego.

There is a mix of housing types available here, including higher-end properties and moderately priced homes. 

Homes are rarely on the market in some of Mira Costa’s most popular sections, but potential homebuyers who are willing to look throughout the neighborhood are sure to find something in their price range.

💡Did you know?

Every year since 2007, Oceanside has hosted The Beach Soccer USA Cup — considered one the most difficult competitions in the USA

What does Oceanside have to offer?

Historical landmarks

Those who visit Oceanside today are greeted by a bustling downtown that is both walkable and inviting with its mixture of distinct, vintage and modern aesthetics. 

With visuals ranging from the Star Theatre’s large iconic neon sign towering over the sidewalk, to the more contemporary Oceanplace courtyard, to the fun and eclectic neighborhood atmosphere of South O, there is no shortage of diversity. 

Oceanside’s unique character goes far beyond its downtown variety.
However, the best kept secret about our beach city is that it has a rich and fascinating history which continues to be unearthed, brought to light and honored more and more!
Check out our Downtown Oceanside Historical Landmarksblog to learn more.

Amazing outdoors activities

Known for its iconic wooden pier, wide sandy beaches, picturesque harbor, bustling downtown and a growing reputation as the leading destination for foodies in San Diego County, Oceanside certainly has a lot to offer! 

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But what about those that are interested in doing something a little more off the beaten path, a little quirky, and most certainly unique? Look no further, Oceanside has you covered with these awesome activities you might not have ever expected!

Best coffee in town!

Oceanside’s Caffeine Crawl has also welcomed some new spots for those looking for a serious (caffeine) buzz!, Bunker House, Communal Coffee, Jet Fuel Coffee Co., North County Roastery, and Vigilante Coffee , are all new to town.

 Visit one of Oceanside’s many distinctive coffee and tea shops. Delight in discoveries such as comic books, historic buildings and local artwork. Love lattes, cold brews or tantalizing teas? You’ll find your perfect pick-me-up at one of the many unique cafes around town.

Want to try a few of Oceanside’s many distinctive coffee and tea shops while you’re visiting? Check out our Craft Coffee Trail

💡Did you know?

Singer-Songwriter Jason Mraz is from Oceanside and is known to frequent the San Diego coffee shop scene.

Education / Travel Experience

We’re all about connecting student’s learning curriculum to adventures in Oceanside! If you’re looking to keep students engaged and excited, we invite you to consider O’side as an extension of your classroom. 

Make the most of the city’s incredible natural landscape featuring beautiful marine life and aquatic lessons, in addition to the rich historical gems and artistic offerings your students can experience firsthand.

The opportunity for educational travel experiences are vast and diverse in Oceanside! Whether you’re schooling with a designated pod, roadschooling, worldschooling, unschooling, or classic homeschooling, Oceanside has activities that will enrich your program and be the perfect supplement to your curriculum.

Other fun facts about Oceanside

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