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Moving to Chula Vista

Are you thinking about moving to the San Diego area? 

There are a lot of neighborhoods and suburbs to choose from but in this blog we will show you what Chula Vista has to offer and why we think it is a gorgeous place to start the new chapter of your life in.

There are a lot of amazing places just outside of San Diego but Chula Vista with its unique charm and friendly community will for sure find itself very quickly on top of your list.

Everyone living in Chula Vista highlights the family-friendly atmosphere of the city as one of the best parts of living there. There are 56 parks and tons of green space. 

With the nice weather hovering in the 50s and 60s year round, most of the city’s residents spend a lot of time enjoying the outdoors.

Let us show you what is so great about living in Chula Vista.

About Chula Vista

Chula Vista is the second-largest city in the San Diego metropolitan area, the seventh largest city in Southern California, and the fifteenth largest city in the state of California.

The city of Chula Vista is home to approximately 275,487 residents.

Located about halfway – 7.5 miles between the two downtowns of San Diego and Tijuana in the South Bay, the city is at the center of one of the richest culturally diverse zones in the United States. 

Chula Vista is a leader in conservation and renewable energy, has outstanding public schools, and has been named one of the top safest cities in the country.

💡 Did you know?

Chula Vista is Spanish for “Beautiful View”. Chula Vista is so named because of its scenic location between the San Diego Bay and coastal mountain foothills.

Chula Vista History

Chula Vista neighborhoods

For city planning and growth management purposes, Chula Vista is divided into four distinct quadrants.

The original Chula Vista encompasses the area west of Hilltop Drive and north of L Street. 

The community of Montgomery was annexed by the city, after several failed attempts, in 1986. 

The community consists of most of the area south of L Street, west of Hilltop Drive and north of San Diego’s city limit.

Beginning in the late 1980s the planned communities of Eastlake, Otay Ranch, and Rancho del Rey began to develop in the annexed areas east of Interstate 805. 

These communities expanded upon the eastern annexations of the 1970s, including the area around Southwestern College.

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What does Chula Vista have to offer?

Moving to Chula Vista, you probably wish to get to know the city a little bit better and what it has to offer. We have a feeling you will be pleasantly surprised. 

Let’s show you why people love living in Chula Vista and why it is a perfect place to call home.


Chula Vista maintains a business atmosphere that encourages growth and development. 

In the city, the small business sector accounts for the majority of Chula Vista’s business population. 

This small business community is attributed to the city’s growth and serves as a stable base for its economic engine.


In Chula Vista, the summers are short, warm, arid, and mostly clear and the winters are long, cool, and partly cloudy. 

Over the course of the year, the temperature typically varies from 48°F to 78°F and is rarely below 42°F or above 84°F.

💡 Did you know?

José María Estudillo and the Estudillo family – a powerful Californio clan of Southern California, owned the majority of modern-day Chula Vista.

Fun Facts about Chula Vista


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