How To Move Affordably With San Diego Local Moving Companies

Buy a new house, rent an apartment, buy boxes, tape, bubble wrap, hire one of the many local moving companies, rent a truck, buy new furniture. Then, hire a babysitter for the moving day, pay for cleaning and repair services, prepare a separate sum for unexpected costs, and even more.

Moving seems to require money, money, and then some more money. Let’s not even mention what can happen with your finances if someone accidentally ends up injured during relocation and in need of professional help. Those medical bills will eat up your entire moving budget. It feels awful just thinking about it.

So, how can you prevent spending more money on your move than realistically needed

This guide will help you save money during your San Diego move, even when you hire a local moving company to help you out.

So, what does it cost to hire local moving companies in San Diego?

The cost to hire movers might seem a lot compared to moving on your own but the best local moving companies San Diego has might make you think otherwise. You’re not just paying for someone to move your things from one to another point. You’re paying for professionals to handle all the logistics and your belongings, to secure them and safely pack them, to move them effortlessly. You’re paying for all that extra time you’ll have, for a peace of mind the insurance will give you, for your safety. Plus, chances for unexpected costs to appear are minimal when you’re moving with pros.

Of course if it still sounds too expensive, there is a way to change that. You want all the advantages of hiring movers to help you but at lower costs? Say no more. We prepared a few tips on how to move affordably with professional movers, so let’s get right into it.

Be careful with your coins.

How to find the best local moving companies in San Diego 

First and most important, you need to find reliable movers. No matter how affordable a certain company seems, if it turns out they are some kind of scammers, you’ll lose all the money you gave and receive nothing for it. This is why you should start looking through your local movers as early as possible. You’ll have more options to choose from and the chances those professional movers are bookable for the date you need will be much higher.

Do your research on local moving companies in San Diego and start calling each one. Make sure you ask all important questions and don’t forget to write down the answers so you can compare them later on.

Most important questions to ask local moving companies

  • Are you registered with the state and have a license number to prove it?
  • Do you provide insurance?
  • Are your movers trained?
  • What kind of service do you offer and can they be adjusted for my needs?
  • How do you charge?
  • What does the price include and for what can I be charged for additionally?

Set up your local moving budget

To ensure you won’t go over your financial limits, make sure you set a budget beforehand. Determine your priorities, what you want and need, and what is not so necessary. After getting multiple moving quotes you’ll be able to set a realistic budget that can provide you with everything you need and that won’t damage your bank account at the same time.

Finding high-quality yet affordable movers is possible, you just need to put some time into it

Choose the right moving date

In case you are flexible when it comes to choosing the exact moving date, we have some good news. You can get professional help at much lower prices if you pick the right moving date. Yes, you can save up a bunch of money if you, for example, wait until December instead of moving in August like you initially planned to. Here are more facts you should know about the cheapest moving dates before you select a random one. 

Most affordable time of the year

All price ranges depend on the demand. Just like in any other service businesses, prices are higher when more people need it. Moving is not an exception and that is why there are two very different moving seasons. 

Table explaining moving seasons

Most affordable month to move locally in San Diego

As you can assume the cheapest month will be one during off-season. If you are looking for the most affordable hourly-rates, search through the end of December and early January. Most moving companies will reduce their fees because of absence of work, in order to attract customers. The good thing about living in San Diego is its climate. Yes, the winters are colder than summers but temperatures usually don’t go under 45°F. It might take more time for you to organize and coordinate everything with other obligations but those extra bucks in your wallet are worth it.

Most affordable week and day

Even the right week and day can reduce your fees. Because most leases expire at the end or beginning of the month that is when more people will move. In case you want to find affordable local moving companies San Diego is served by, avoid the first and last week of the month and try booking in the middle of it.

As far as days go, Fridays and Saturdays are people’s favorites. If you can make your moving day Monday, Tuesday, or Saturday, chances that your movers are bookable the exact time you would like it and at great prices, will be much higher. 

Tips on how to reduce your local moving costs

1. DIY what you can

The only way to lower the costs during your move is to reduce the time movers will need to complete your relocation. This means do everything you can before they arrive. Handle the easy, but time consuming tasks so your motivated movers can concentrate on more complicated ones. 

Prepack things like decorations or your kid’s toys and make sure you take care of all things movers won’t move beforehand. You can ask your relocation specialist to give you a list of those so nothing comes up later in the process. Take care of all things you’ll be moving with you in the car and don’t forget to label those boxes clearly so they don’t mix up with other ones. 

Disassemble all the furniture you can and pack little parts separately so nothing gets lost. If you want to save up even more, in case your local movers are charging for their boxes, tell them to use yours. A few weeks before the move start gathering boxes around the house and ask your friends to do the same too. Go around the block and see if local grocery stores have some in the back to give you. 

2. Remove roadblocks

The same goes here too. In order to speed up the work of your professional movers you can clear up the paths. What does this mean? Well, for starters, clear up your doorways, porch, and driveways. Potted plants, floor mats, statues, or any other front yard decorations should not be close to the action. Measure all large furniture and compare the numbers with door width. If necessary remove all doors and doorframes so your movers can move fast and efficiently. 

Remove all carpets and low hanging items so literally nothing is in the way. If you packed on your own, leave all of your boxes in a few bigger piles and not all over the place. Your rooms should be filled with just large furniture and packed boxes so your movers can carry everything out easily and without obstacles. 

Don’t forget to keep little kids and pets far from this whole chaos. A lot of people walking around carrying fragile and possibly dangerous items is like a minefield for smaller ones. For their own safety and your inner peace make sure they are with someone and away from everything. 

Give love and attention and have a lot of patience, this is a stressful time for them too.

3. Handle building regulations

You don’t want any unexpected problems arising on the moving day that could prolong your charging hours. If you are moving from one building to another, talk to both old and new landlords as soon as possible. In most cases you’ll have to take care of some paperwork and deliver a few documents before you are allowed to start the action. In some buildings, moving is limited to a certain time and elevators, entrances, and parking spots right in front need to be reserved ahead of time. Take care of these before rather than later so your move can run flawlessly. 

4. Declutter

Is there a better way to cut the packing time than having less to pack? Moving is perfect for getting rid of all those useless things you even forgot you have. Go all over your place and separate the things you won’t be moving to the new apartment/house/office. All those items in good shape can be donated or sold and all damaged things belong in the trash can. 

5. Ask for discounts

Last but not least, discounts. In reality not many local moving companies offer discounts but it won’t hurt if you ask, maybe it’s your lucky day. Some local moving companies San Diego citizens are moved by, offer military discounts and some new ones might have promotional prices. The only way to find out is to ask your relocation specialist so add this to the list of questions when getting a moving quote. 

No matter what you need, apartment movers, commercial movers, labor-only movers, or maybe in and out of storage services, Green Movers are here to help you. Committed, professional, reliable, and yet, still affordable. If you think moving is a stressful and exhausting experience without exceptions, let us prove you wrong. Our top-notch service, trained and efficient movers, and high-quality equipment will be yours until the successful end of your move. Call, email, or visit our site to get a free quote. We are available 7 days a week and our relocation specialists are ready for all of your questions.

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