Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which movers and packers are good?

Should you need a Full pack service, where you only need to open the door for us, we can be there for you. Being in the moving industry for more than 20 years, we managed to find the most efficient ways of packing and moving.

2. Will movers pack for you?

Yes, we can provide Packing service for you. If you wish to pack smaller items beforehand and you wish for us to pack everything else, we can do that for you.

3. Will movers take apart beds?

Here, at Green Movers, we provide service of disassembling and assembling furniture. So do not worry, we will take care of the disassembling the bed as well.

4. Can movers move plants?

Moving plants has always been a topic in the moving industry. Most moving companies are not allowed to transport plants due to liability reasons.

5. Can movers store your stuff?

Some local moving companies in San Diego do offer storing service in their warehouses. Our capacities are filled out at the moment, but we will gladly assist you in moving into a public storage.

6. Are movers essential services?

Yes, moving is considered essential service in most of the states in the USA.

7. When do movers start charging?

This also differs from company to company. Some movers charge you once they leave the warehouse and some charge from the first moment they reach your home.

8. Why use piano movers?

When moving a piano, some moving companies can assist you with this depending on what kind of piano you have. For example, we can help you with moving an upright piano. However, we strongly advise clients that when they wish to move a baby grand or grand piano to hire piano movers who are professional in that sphere of moving.

9. Where to find movers?

By using a simple Google search you can find a plethora of moving choices. Check Yelp and BBB as well for more information.

10. Are movers cheaper on the weekdays?

Most companies do have differences in pricing when it comes to weekdays versus weekends. Usually there is low availability on weekends, so in order to fill in the blank spaces during the weekdays, moving companies tend to lower the rates.

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